Our story

We live life on the edge and love doing it with passion. We travel around the globe, work hard, enjoy life, playing games and crossing boarders every day. We share our energy with our loved ones. We are always looking for new adventures.

Energy-Bullets can save your life, especially created for challenging situations
Energy-Bullets are made to make the beautiful moments of life more intensive and last longer.
Our society is changing rapidly. We have to do more with less. The pressure on people, both business and pleasure, is increasing. This trend will continue in the years to come.

We have created Energy-Bullets to help us find that way….
Trying to find our “Wild” we all run into some obstacles along the way but the aim is always to come home safe.

Jaap van Lagen met Energy-Bullets raceauto op circuit

Jaap van Lagen has been a partner, big fan and large-scale consumer of Energy-Bullets from the first hour. He is one of the partners of the Energy-Bullets team, each of whom contributes to the development and promotion of Energy-Bullets within their own field.

Made in the Netherlands
This is where our team is working day after day creating Energy-Bullets, with the greatest care and eye for detail. We love to supply “life saving bullets”.
It’s a group of people with very diverse backgrounds, each its own speciality and all full of passion. It’s a very unique atmosphere. Our founder Oscar always says: “If you would like to go ‘fast’ as a bullet you have to do it alone and if you would like to go as ‘far’ as a bullet you have to do it with a team.”